Who We Are

Kilimanjaro Organic farming is Located at a place called Paranai, 9KM-13KM away from Oloitokitok Town in Kajiado County, Kenya. We practice Sustainable Agriculture through organic farming methods. We grow Food that is wholesome, Nutritious and free from hazardous chemicals and fertilizers. We also offer Training services Onsite to groups or individuals interested in venturing into sustainable Agriculture.


Produce food that is wholesome and nutritious in an organic and sustainable way. Create a sustainable community where the value of life is life.


Protect and preserve the wellbeing and integrity of the soil we grow our food. Grow and produce organic food and make it affordable and accessible to many. With cancer and many illnesses on.....


Consistent growing of food throughout the year considering market trends. Crop rotation for each block at least once a year for soil support. Weekly sensitization of employees on matters.....


The Value of Life Is life. Use money as a tool to support the human to realize their value and potential as life.

Our Products

Organic Tomatoes

Organic Onions

Organic Garlic

Organic Capsicum

Organic Herbs

Organic Watermelon

Organic Green/French Beans

Organic Broccoli

Organic Cucumber

Our Services.

Sustainable Soil Care Solutions.

Contact us Today for a Soil Structure/Type, Pathology and Mineral Tests.


Get Your training on Sustainable Organic Farming Methods from us today.

Farm Management Support

With our Highly Trained Staff, Let us walk with you through the nitty gritty details of managing a small, medium or large farm.

Agri-business Support

Come, let us walk with you from the beginning in and outs of starting an Agri-business venture. From Designing Agri-business plans, record keeping, advice, market Trends, Challenges and Solutions and so much more.